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Oct 4, 2003
The real reason Biden doesn’t want to cancel student loans by executive order.

Alan Collinge

10 hours ago·5 min read

Before the election, Joe Biden and the media had tens of millions of distressed student loan borrowers believing that he was going to eliminate their student loan debt- perhaps by executive order- on day one.

Since winning the presidency, however, he (and the corporate press covering him) are singing a very different tune. Gone are the claims in the press that Biden will cancel all undergraduate debt for people who attended public universities or Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s). Biden is also going out of his way to kill expectations of him cancelling loans by executive order, as leading Senators were calling for going back to last September, and as nearly a millions citizens have been petitioning for since last March. He has made the point twice in his first 28 days as President that he doesn’t think he has the power to cancel loans by executive order. By all indications, it would appear that Biden will only support loan cancellation of $10,000, and only through congressional legislation.

Why is Joe Biden now throwing so much shade on using his executive authority to cancel student loans? He obviously has no problems using his pen, having signed over 30 executive orders in his first month as President.
His claim that he doesn’t think he has the authority is just not believable. The Higher Education Act gives the Secretary of Education all the power needed to waive, compromise, or release the government’s interest in federally owned student loans. A simple reading of the legislation make this abundantly clear, and scholars from both Yale and Harvard have confirmed this.