Predictions for 2021


Jul 22, 2001
God's Country
Transition from 2020 to 2021 will be unnoticeable. MT fans, season ticket holders and students, will continue to be locked out from any games played. I won't be surprised if we get an announcement extending the ban on fans for at least three weeks (to bring MT in line with what 's go ing on with the high school sports). I'm starting to look forward to what I can do with a full refund for my ,MBB and WBB season tickets.

As for the actual basketball, I expect both teams to continue their stumble out of the gate through the rest of the season, which will be excused on Covid19. I do expect both teams to make the conference tourney with very short stays.

Baseball will likely start out with limited capacity and social distancing with some relief on that crap in the last month or two of the season. I expect some significant improvement from the last season played.

I think football will delay spring practice as late as they can into the spring, to get relief if possible on the amount and expense of testing.

Into the Fall, I just don't any improvement for football from this past season, no winning or .500 season, no bowl, which is alright if it gets us closer to CRS retiring, quitting, or being bought out.