The Hammer


Hall of Famer
Jan 27, 2003
Part 1 Highlights:

“Have you caught the recent comms from POTUS about THE HAMMER? Now that you know about this system and how Hussein illegally spied on millions of Americans with Clapper and Brennan’s help, it should be easier for you to decode the conversation.

“From HRC selling State secrets through her private server to The HAMMER running on American soil, to selling our Uranium to Russia, Hussein’s top level administration knew everything. Read very carefully: Img3 You got that? HRC’s server was never hacked, she sold access. Now look how Hussein’s administration willingly participated: Img4

“You remember the Maestro’s old friend I told you about in this post and this image? HRC’s state secret market is an old game the Rockefellers and similar creatures know very well. In one shot, I gave you that the Witch was a Vatican asset and that Rockefeller was a C_A puppet. Pretty cool right?”



All American
Jul 11, 2008
Chris Krebs, isn't that the guy Trump promptly fired right after he asserted just how secure the voting system was?