FOOTBALL Perhaps less is more


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Jun 24, 2009
Franklin, TN
Like in real estate location....location...location

To win consistently in College Football it’s Recruiting....recruiting....recruiting.
When half your staff is spending more time watching their 401(k’s) instead of loading up the recruit board, we eventually get what we get. Back to back losing seasons and bowl game blowouts followed by dwindling ticket sales, attendance and donor support.

”Perhaps these under-achieving programs are investing their money into the wrong areas? UAB and FAU both outpace the conference median in recruiting budget by a healthy amount. FAU spent 29% more on recruiting than the C-USA average in 2019, while UAB was over the median recruiting spend by 7%. Meanwhile, UNT, FIU, MTSU, and UTEP were all below the 2019 median in recruiting expenditures.”