BASEBALL Middle Tennessee (13-10, 2-2) vs. Rice (12-12, 1-3), 3PM/1PM & TBA/1PM, Thursday/Fri./Sat., April 1-3, 2021


Jul 22, 2001
God's Country
Thursday, April 1 | 3 PM CT | vs. Rice
Friday, April 2 | 1 PM CT & TBA | vs. Rice (Doubleheader)
Saturday, April 3 | 1 PM CT | vs. Rice

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Oct 31, 2015
Rice has traditionally been a great baseball program, not sure they're all that anymore.

Wayne Graham was Tim Corbin years before Vandy’s rise to prominence. Both coaches used their school’s need based financial aid structure to supplement baseball scholarships. Once the schools had success on the field, they became baseball factories. This is a great advantage for private schools over public due to the baseball scholarship limits set by the NCAA. The coach still needs to be able to recruit and coach, but it’s why a Rice or Vandy can build powerhouse programs in baseball compared to the lack of success in other sports. Graham’s 20 yr run from 94-2014 is pretty remarkable.

I agree with you, I think Graham stayed a bit too long and the jury is out on Bragga being the right man at Rice. I don’t look at Rice as the same program it was 10 yrs ago.

MT Glenn

True Blue
Sep 19, 2005
The last game was just called a tie after 12 innings. I guess the plane wasn't going to wait any longer for the Rice players.
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