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    Instead of continuing to rant about football frustrations, it seems like a wonderful time to crank up the basketball discussion. After all, The start of the season is just days away!

    As much as I enjoy College Basketball, I can't believe I completely missed this. It is starting to hit me just what CNM is up to with his offense, roster, and recruiting. Until CNM was able to sign and bring in recruits that helped contribute to a more balanced roster, I think I let some obsessive or rigid understanding of team structure frustrate my understanding of just what CNM has been building.

    It is now becoming increasingly clear that CNM is building or installing Positionless Basketball that has been a developing trend across basketball the last few years. As with most any coach, CNM likely is putting his fingerprints on that approach to tweak it to his preferences, philosophy, and understanding.

    When considering Positionless Basketball, everything CNM has been doing suddenly starts to make even more sense. That even fills in some of blanks beyond a young new HC taking over a team that basically needs a whole roster of new players.

    With this approach, the lack of size or specifically lack of a true Center in the frontcourt becomes a minor concern. Which players fit traditional positions of SG vs SF or even PF vs C essentially becomes a non-issue. The players are either a Guard or a Forward. The "versatility" that CNM has talked about since arriving becomes a top priority. When looking at the players CNM has already signed and is signing fits exceptionally well within this Positionless Basketball concept.

    For many years, there has always been some level of players crossing over positions or being a tweener. Some examples are wings for a SG or SF, roster listing of G/F or PF/C, or even the famous Kermit Stretch-4. This newer concept seems to embrace the blurring of the unique traditional positions.

    An example that stands out supporting this approach by CNM is his lack of focus on one main PG. Throughout a game, anyone of about 3 or 4 Guards are bringing the ball up the court. All of this of course fits well in CNM's stated desire to build a team of versatile, long, strong, tall, athletic players who can defend most anywhere on the court in addition to scoring from most anywhere on the court.

    Lastly, I do hope CNM is placing a prime emphasis on defense. Most of the teams that have experienced tremendous success with Positionless Basketball have also included superior dominant defense. CNM seems to make a priority of defense, but I do hope he can instill strong defense as a key identity for the team. Hopefully, MT basketball can maintain a long term identity and tradition of dominant defense.
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    I agree with everything in this comment. Before I wasn’t a fan of the read and react position less style of ball, but then I started coaching and working with my son teams. It dawned on me that I needed to teach all the kids how to have ball skills and I didn’t designate 1-5. All the kids needed to be able to dribble, pass and shoot. This allowed the best athletes to get on the floor regardless of size. This style of offense works on zone and man defensive fronts and there are multiple layers to it.

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