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Aug 1, 2005
Watching a good portion of the Army/Cincy game getting to see Just how ridiculously absurd our coaching is when you compare this game with Army having to go up against a real team.

I would say on better than 90% of plays (exception being 3rd and long) Cincinnati had all 11 players on defense within five to seven yards of the line of scrimmage and usually at least five directly on the line itself. Contrast that to MT which played its base defense with only four linemen and where we only had seven defenders in the same box Cincy has most of its defense on most plays and played our safeties 12 yards deep like we were playing a normal passing team still just blows my mind.
Late in the 4th quarter and Army doesn’t have an offensive touchdown today and only 183 yards rushing.

Just point out a very small example of many absurdities of how terrible this program is. Do y’all think the staff realizes how bad a shape the program is in at the moment?