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  1. MTLynn

    FOOTBALL If you were curious about Dearmon’s recruiting territory...

    plenty of guys in memphis
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    True Story

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    BASKETBALL Middle Tennessee (5-11, 3-7) @ Marshall (10-5, 4-4)(ESPN+), 5PM/3PM, Friday/Saturday, February 12/13, 2021

    Disinterested coaching. It reminds me of Stockstill during the army game with the team in scoring position. Something stinks.
  4. MTLynn

    FOOTBALL Ward, Harris back in Super Bowl together

    Brady showed his worth this year, as did Belichick...
  5. MTLynn

    FOOTBALL A little late to the story, Channel 5, aren't you?

    My fear is that mcphee uses this as an excuse to kill the program
  6. MTLynn

    FOOTBALL MTSU signing day live info

    Kansas DB commit Kameron Grays flips to MT
  7. MTLynn

    FOOTBALL MTSU signing day live info

    With no RB's signed, I guess all of the ones currently on the roster are returning
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    BASEBALL 2021 Groundhog Luncheon

  9. MTLynn

    FB RECRUITING JUCO OT Jacqui Graham Commits to MT

    The way I see it: Transfers and JC players are better prospects than HS players because they are older and have played against better competition. Additionally, they aren't as likely to transfer again as a kid from HS might.
  10. MTLynn

    Washington Post Tony Franklin Article

    I think so too. Since the state is happy with mcphee, I figure that once he is gone they will put his clone in Cope
  11. MTLynn

    FOOTBALL BREAKING: MTSU Hires Brent Dearmon as Offensive Coordinator

    You know that Rick will have his fingers in the offense... I'm expecting to see sideline bubble screens aplenty because he loves bubble screens like Andy loved the Utah pass
  12. MTLynn

    BASKETBALL Seriously, I’d love to hear something from Massaro....

    The state loves mcphee - they have continually given him raises and extensions.
  13. MTLynn

    FOOTBALL MT Lands Arizona Transfer WR Ma'jon Wright

    link: Arizona Football WR Ma’Jon Wright is transferring again
  14. MTLynn

    FOOTBALL MT Lands Arizona Transfer WR Ma'jon Wright

    I like seeing these transfers - hopefully it works out well