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  1. FranklinRaider315

    FOOTBALL If you were curious about Dearmon’s recruiting territory...

    I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt. Sounds like he’s up to the task. And he’s had success as a player and as Head Coach in McKenzie, TN of all places. My only concern is there are now three ex-QB’s on this staff and two are related. I hope he’ll be allowed to be Offensive Coordinator.
  2. FranklinRaider315

    La Tech series canceled

    Meanwhile Belmont continues to wreak havoc in the OVC at 24-1 with a 3-game lead over 2nd place Morehead St. Haven’t cancelled a single game due to Covid. TSU rescheduled one game with the Bruins from 12/2 to 12/18.
  3. FranklinRaider315

    FOOTBALL Former MT QB hired at Arkansas State

    Three former MT QB’s well on their way to college coaching careers. Craddock, Kilgore, Stockstill. It’s a shame one of the best we ever had is getting mug shots taken instead of new job press releases. LINK: Dasher
  4. FranklinRaider315

    FB RECRUITING Some new offers

    I disagree. MT had a very successful D-1 modern day run against Memphis (5-2) from 2007-2014. Stock just quit instead of leveraging that success in-state and then goes and hires two of the Memphis guys who were 0-2 against him in the 5 wins of the series. Meanwhile, the Tigers saw this as a...
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    ICYMI, dnj beat writer moves on

    Phil Williams.
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    BASKETBALL Middle Tennessee (5-11, 3-7) @ Marshall (10-5, 4-4)(ESPN+), 5PM/3PM, Friday/Saturday, February 12/13, 2021

    Yep. I watched them destroy EKU the other night on ESPNU. They play OVC #2 Morehead St. at Curb today on ESPN+ A move back to the OVC as some have tossed out here would be ugly.
  7. FranklinRaider315

    FB RECRUITING Target of note...

    They should do a CRS “Covid Protocol Bobblehead” promo using that pic. We are the laughingStock of College Football.
  8. FranklinRaider315

    FB RECRUITING Target of note...

    “I tried to do the best I could”. “I may have slipped up.” Silence. Do you have an answer? “I was following protocol, Sir”
  9. FranklinRaider315

    FB RECRUITING Target of note...

    Bottom’s long past time to deliver a conference title. What concerns me more is the spouse of a newly hired assistant is already on record publicly proclaiming she plans on Murfreesboro being a one year gig.
  10. FranklinRaider315

    FB RECRUITING Some new offers

    So....,who have they offered in Murfreesboro, Nashville, Franklin/Brentwood?
  11. FranklinRaider315

    FB RECRUITING Some new offers

    Better get them on campus for official visits in the first couple of games. By mid season, Senior Day and Homecoming crowds (“attendance” is prolly a better word) are deal killers.
  12. FranklinRaider315

    FB RECRUITING Target of note...

    His 247Sports recruiting page still shows Dearmon recruiting him for Kansas. 😂😂
  13. FranklinRaider315

    FOOTBALL A little late to the story, Channel 5, aren't you?

    Quite frankly, I don’t care anymore.