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    FOOTBALL Middle Tennessee vs Troy (ESPN), 2:30PM, Saturday, September 19, 2020

    I guess Troy was suffering from that famous Blue Raider hangover last night. They lost 48-7 to BYU.
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    FOOTBALL Staff Predictions for MT/UTSA

    I think we'll compete the hell out of the Roadrunners. UTSA 45 MT 17
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    FOOTBALL Middle Tennessee @ (RV) UTSA (CBSSN), 7PM Friday, September 25, 2020

    Our team needs somebody like John McKay coaching it, He had some great quotes when he coached Tampa Bay in the 70s. Two of my favorites. "We didn’t tackle well today but we made up for it by not blocking. " When asked about his team’s execution: “I’m in favor of it.”
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    FOOTBALL Taking bets that it’s a “no go” this week???? 😂

    30 mile radius is being generous. I'm about 20 miles away and can't get a clear broadcast of it.
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    FOOTBALL Season Ticket Exchange For Troy Game

    I've been to the Smyrna location twice. They shouldn't be allowed to use the Slick Pig name. Nowhere close to the quality in Murfreesboro.
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    Troy/MT Predictions from the staff

    We will shock everyone and get over 30 yards rushing from our RBs. But it won't be enough. Troy 31 MT 14
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    FOOTBALL MT announces 20% attendance for Troy game, no tailgating at Floyd Stadium this season

    Was this a Vandy decision or did Papa Cooper make it for them?
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    Hopson Out at USM

    "Troy is a really good team, but we have 87 players that are injured and I'm proud of the way they competed,"
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    FOOTBALL We are playing Troy home and home this season

    But we won the last one. To paraphrase coach Lou Brown, from Major League: If we win the next one, that's two in a row. If we win the one after that THAT'S CALLED A WINNING STREAK!
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    Third Zoom Webinar set for July 15, 2020

    Good to see Snellgrove finally get in. When he was drafted, he held most of the hitting records for us.
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    Another Stab at Realignment...

    Good article. I wonder if the conference leaders are giving this as much thought, as others are.
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    LADY RAIDER BB KeKe Stewart's brother drafted

    ESPN showed a clip from KeKe Stewart's days as a Lady Raider when her brother, Tee Higgins, was drafted by the Bengals last night.
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    FOOTBALL Raiders provide fan friendly payment plans for football

    They may remove the tarps, just to be safe.
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    And so the cuts begin....

    There's a rumor that Satan recently felt a draft.
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    FOOTBALL Raiders provide fan friendly payment plans for football

    This is a good move, but it's starting to sound, more and more, like the 2020 college football season will be played without fans, or cancelled entirely.
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    FOOTBALL Football season tickets on sale

    It's just their own unique way of encouraging social distancing.
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    FOOTBALL The 2020 season

    I agree with 4-8, with wins over Indiana St, ODU, Rice and UConn. The only way I see it going better is if we can take Charlotte and FAU at home. It may be a little too chilly for FAU to bring their "A game".
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    FOOTBALL First MTSU football game you attended...

    1987 against TSU at Vanderbilt. We won 55-19.
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    BASKETBALL Ivy League conference tournament cancelled due to coronavirus

    I didn't even know the Ivy League had a tournament. They held out a long time and were the only conference that didn't have one.