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    LADY RAIDER BB commitment

    Top 100 player!! God can we please keep Rick’s son here for forever
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    Randall Johnson

    I have no doubt. It would just be our luck for him to go somewhere and tear it up. I’m a big O’Hara fan and I think he has the potential to improve this year. I’d love to know what our coaches think of the new qb recruit
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    Randall Johnson

    If this dude tears it up somewhere else I’m going to punch our coaching staff in the face
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    BB RECRUITING We need to sign at least 3 with the upcoming basketball class....

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    BASKETBALL Middle Tennessee(5-17, 1-8) @ UTSA(10-12, 4-5), 3PM, Saturday, February 1, 2020

    Thanks for the line. I may throw a few bux at that. We are starting to play a little better and utsa isn’t all that
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    BBK Recruiting

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    BASKETBALL Middle Tennessee (4-7) vs. St. Bonaventure (7-4), 2PM, Saturday, December 21, 2019

    Yeah my girlfriend is a St. Bonaventure alum so I follow them closely. They are much more talented than Lipscomb. Losing by 1 to them actually gives me a slight touch of hope that we have improved a little.
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    BASKETBALL Middle Tennessee (4-7) vs. St. Bonaventure (7-4), 2PM, Saturday, December 21, 2019

    We are getting better but damn! We are going to have pathetic records two years in a row now. I’m always on board the MT basketball train but that hurt.
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    McDevitt was left with a dumpster fire. I don’t think the situation could have possibly been worse for him to begin his tenure. Not understanding this fact is silly. This thread is silly.
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    Stockstill's Buyout...a Tale of Misery

    I’m pretty sure there is still a guy that focuses on MT. The position turned over a bunch in the last couple years.
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    Stockstill's Buyout...a Tale of Misery

    Does anyone know if the DNJ Beat writer knows about the Brent Brock Facebook posting? I wonder if he would be interested in writing an article about it
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    BASKETBALL Middle Tennessee @ Lipscomb (ESPN+), 3PM, Saturday, 11/9/2019

    I live downtown Nashville so I’m not missing this game for anything. To me almost any game MT is playing in is more important than any other sporting event period. The Preds are the only other entity that even come close.
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    XC Sweeps C-USA Championships

    I was on the cross country team in school and we were thrilled to get fourth one year in conference. This pipeline they have to Kenya is very impressive. I bet they keep this up. I wouldn’t be totally shocked if we pulled a NC title one day if we keep this going.
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    Stockstill's Buyout...a Tale of Misery

    Gentlemen I sent a stern email to Massaro and I suggest that a few others do as well. I will be following up as well to ensure a proper answer is given. I’m sick and tired of some things with this athletic department
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    Stockstill's Buyout...a Tale of Misery

    I don’t know about anyone else but I am going to send this snapshot to Massaro with a message. I also think the decently sized check they get from me and my business will not make it to the mailbox this year. We deserve better.
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    Stockstill's Buyout...a Tale of Misery

    I can’t believe Brent would post something like that on social media while employed at MT. This seems like a great opportunity to get Stock to resign. If I was the AD I would fire Brent for those comments, and I’m sure it would totally piss off Stock. Kinda like the same situation when Mike...
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    BB RECRUITING Q & A with commit Christian Fussell

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    Watching today's games....

    Here here to basketball season! Gotta completely agree with you. Just like the Preds I love the speed and athleticism, but our size seems to trip us up when it matters.
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    Unlimited Representin' Thread

    I had the blue car flag flying today. Wish I had a pic
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    FOOTBALL Middle Tennessee (0-1) vs Tennessee State (1-0), ESPN3, 6PM, Saturday, September 7, 2019

    I live downtown Nashville and I think it would be bad azz to play down the street from me. I would think they could even pitch a overnight package for Mboro groups/couples wanting to spend a night in Nashville