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    FOOTBALL Staff Predictions for MT/UTSA

    Back to back losses to inferior opponents will be the kiss of death. Massaro's whole argument has been slow and steady as she goes. Last year was a one off because we had to replace one of the most successful quarterbacks in program history. Today he has nothing except the emotional effects of...
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    FOOTBALL Middle Tennessee vs Troy (ESPN), 2:30PM, Saturday, September 19, 2020

    Massaro will probably put a laser focus on how losing two juco running backs is the reason our lines of scrimmage are so bad.
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    FOOTBALL Middle Tennessee vs Troy (ESPN), 2:30PM, Saturday, September 19, 2020

    This is the type of loss at home that gets you fired.
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    FOOTBALL Week 2 bye a rare blessing for Blue Raiders

    Army physically whipped us at the line of scrimmage. Ugly.
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    BASEBALL Top 25 recruiting classes in 2020

    Only team in CUSA is FIU.... 2020 NCAA Div. I Top-25 Recruiting Rankings by Baseball America 1. Miami (Fla.) 2. LSU 3. Vanderbilt 4. Arizona 5. Florida 6. South Carolina 7. Stanford 8. Texas 9. Arkansas 10. Georgia Tech 11. Florida State 12. Georgia 13. TCU 14. Auburn 15. Texas Tech 16...
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    FOOTBALL C-USA power rankings

    Charlotte is now ahead of us. If our team doesn't turn it around then it will be time to make some tough decisions.
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    FOOTBALL 2020 MT Football media guide

    This depth chart does not look healthy at all. Not much depth. This could be a very bad year. Have no idea though. My hope is that the freshman are THAT good.
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    FOOTBALL NCAA Division I Council votes No Loss of Eligibility this fall no matter # of games played

    How does this affect next years recruiting class numbers. Are they going to increase team sizes to include 5 classes?
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    FOOTBALL Fall Camp 2020

    The metamorphosis of Jalyn Ferguson. Comes in as a running back, bulks up to play DT and this year slims down to play DE and is making some noise. I think he is going to be the bright spot of the defense this year. We must have more depth at DT to allow him to move over to DE.
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    BASKETBALL dnj article on the debut of nine newcomers for the Blue Raiders

    Nice group! Didn't know about Northwestern transfer.
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    And so the cuts begin....

    We are now the worst conference in sports according to the tv contract.
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    BASEBALL MT baseball to play full 56-game schedule in 2021

    surprised they split MT and WKU.
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    BASEBALL Baseball Recruiting Thread

    Getting pitchers throwing in the 90's is a great thing!
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    FOOTBALL Due to circumstances out of his control

    I love his magazine but cant find them anywhere.
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    And so the cuts begin....

    If they cancel this season then it would not surprise me if we dropped our football program. This would cancel any and all contracts. Then we can start over with a clean slate.
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    FB RECRUITING Blue Raiders ink receiver from South Carolina

    Moves well. Hope he can catch.