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    FOOTBALL The HC on the other sideline last night...

    I'd actually rather not.
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    FOOTBALL Middle Tennessee @ (RV) UTSA (CBSSN), 7PM Friday, September 25, 2020

    Hell, he probably makes $450k with an 8 year deal.
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    FOOTBALL CUSA games this week

    UAB has some FBS-looking offensive linemen. Must be nice.
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    FOOTBALL Staff Predictions for MT/UTSA

    Have to be in the 30's? Well, even if we had been at 39 in the first two games we still would have lost.
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    What’s your revised prediction for the rest of the season?

    Zero. Which team on that schedule is worse than we are? None. Zip. Nada.
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    I'm done

    The entire university is a joke.
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    UTSA next Friday?

    Name any team on the remaining schedule that we are better than. You can't.
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    FOOTBALL Middle Tennessee vs Troy (ESPN), 2:30PM, Saturday, September 19, 2020

    I blame the Board of Trustees. They could fire Massaro and McPhee. Instead, they give McPhee a raise. I'm done with this university. I only come here for entertainment seeing you guys blow off steam :)
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    FOOTBALL Looking ahead to Troy...

    Or score even one point against Army.
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    FOOTBALL Week 2 bye a rare blessing for Blue Raiders

    One thing to consider. Suppose they do something like Space suggests. Prostitute ourselves out for one year playing a bunch of road, big money massacre games and we buy CRS out. What gives you any encouragement that the M/M boys would hire anyone any better? The real problem lies higher up...
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    FOOTBALL The SunBelt is putting on a show today

    SBC is light years ahead of C-USA.
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    Will we receive some $$$ for the VA Tech game?

    I assume that since the ACC saying they aren't playing any non-conference games this fall that the Hokies will not be coming to MBoro. Will we receive something for this? And will the university refund season ticket holders a portion of what they paid?
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    Randall Johnson

    Zip.$hit. That's your hit rate.
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    FOOTBALL MTSU Football Adds Transfer QB Mike Diliello

    Why would ANY of you be shocked?
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    And so the cuts begin....

    Call me Jack Kevorkian but I'm betting we won't have an athletics department five years from now.
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    Blue Raider Mike

    Our friend Blue Raider Mike passed away peacefully yesterday morning at his home surrounded by family and friends. He had been battling cancer for the last few years. Please say a prayer for his family.
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    Blue Raider Mike follow up

    Sad news. Our friend Mike passed away...