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  1. Tyler Pellom

    FOOTBALL Staff

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  2. Tyler Pellom

    FOOTBALL Staff

    Conventional thought swirling around is that...
  3. Tyler Pellom

    How important was Jason Spray to this team?

    Yep - I don’t know enough to say the new guy is bad at his job, but S&C makes all the difference in the world.
  4. Tyler Pellom

    FOOTBALL The HC on the other sideline last night...

    I get all that. I’m not saying Traylor is a bad coach - I don’t know. I’m just imagining a world in which Stock is replaced, but the hire is a position coach for a bad team. Initial impression isn’t what matters, either, just a thought experiment.
  5. Tyler Pellom

    FOOTBALL The HC on the other sideline last night...

    Some of the GoMiddle staff were talking about that in our group message - if MT has to make a coaching hire this fall, what would the reaction be if the powers that be hired Arkansas’ RB coach?
  6. Tyler Pellom

    FOOTBALL Middle Tennessee @ (RV) UTSA (CBSSN), 7PM Friday, September 25, 2020

    This offense is very tough to watch. There seems to be no confidence or consistency.
  7. Tyler Pellom

    Best Case Scenario - unfortunately

    I understand the inclination, but from my own personal experience, rooting against your team in hopes a coaching change will happen doesn’t feel good in hindsight, even if you get your wish. We all care about this team and ultimately want it to be successful, but success is not the...
  8. Tyler Pellom

    FOOTBALL Staff Predictions for MT/UTSA

    Yeah, it’s just not practical and I can’t believe anyone is advocating for it (not saying the poster above was). It does show the frustration though - people legitimately think it’s so unlikely there will be a coaching change that they allow themselves to believe shutting down the program would...
  9. Tyler Pellom

    FOOTBALL Staff Predictions for MT/UTSA

    The idea of shutting the program down is WILD.
  10. Tyler Pellom

    FOOTBALL One thing we should not do

    Agreed. Players are working their asses off amidst a global pandemic. We’ve seen players all around the country quit - some on this roster - but these guys have decided to stick around and put in the work.
  11. Tyler Pellom

    Was Middle Tennessee the least ready team of 2020?

    I don’t know that this totally applies here, but a lot of programs are going to ask their high-salary, underproducing head coaches to take a reduced buyout for COVID related budgetary issues. Now, there’s no way to say Stock will be one of those guys. But if he feels like he’s lost this team -...
  12. Tyler Pellom

    FOOTBALL Middle Tennessee @ (RV) UTSA (CBSSN), 7PM Friday, September 25, 2020

    One question at the very end from a UTSA beat writer.
  13. Tyler Pellom

    FOOTBALL The Day After Rundown

    I understand the complaints and agree with a lot of them but my point is that I think a lot of folks are over the top with it because they think nothing will be done so they’re basically shouting into an empty void. I don’t think that’s true for one. I’ve talked to some folks in the program and...
  14. Tyler Pellom

    State of the Program: Week 2

    I know there was no game last week - this is just an attempt to 1) keep the numbers consistent and 2) see if anyone has cooled down or if any opinions have evolved given time. State of the program: AD Chris Massaro: HC Rick Stockstill: OC Tony Franklin: DC Scott Schafer:
  15. Tyler Pellom

    UNIVERSITY NEWS Martin Methodist in talks to become part of UT system . . .

    Really bad news for MT for a number of reasons.
  16. Tyler Pellom

    FOOTBALL Question

    I’m relatively new to following the MT program, so I want to lean on those of you who have followed for a long time. My question: what do you think the level of the MT program is before you consider coaching? I see some of you saying Stock is a below average coach - I disagree but that’s not...
  17. Tyler Pellom

    FOOTBALL The Day After Rundown: MT's embarrassing loss to Army

    I think they hear the noise, but right or wrong, no OOC game is going to be the basis of a decision on Stock or how the program is doing. Let’s see them play a conference game or two before we freak out.
  18. Tyler Pellom

    Non MT : Southern Miss FB HC Jay Hopson resigns

    Why would I want to interview the now fired coach of a school I don’t cover or care about?