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    Back to Coaching

    Comment passed on to me yesterday: If they are going to loose that badly they could do it with "local" players.
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    FOOTBALL Staff Predictions for MT/UTSA

    See you've spent a little time dreaming as have I. I would have such a restriction list with some additions and differences to yours. I agree with having a problem with some of the new buildings on campus. IMHO academic buildings should be built with a consistency in mind. One needs to feel you...
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    FOOTBALL Staff Predictions for MT/UTSA

    As Raderclyde said the model for higher education is changing and the change is being exacerbated by the pandemic. There will be a "new" normal which no one can predict. I'm old enough to remember when the community college system was started in TN 5 decades ago that some academicians thought...
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    FOOTBALL The Day After Rundown

    "And just think how much more he's going to receive from the state in pension money once he does retire given his number of years and his salary calculus." Not picking on you, MT01, but this is not the first time I've seen the erroneous implication that somehow taxpayers will be "on the hook"...
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    FOOTBALL Middle Tennessee vs Troy (ESPN), 2:30PM, Saturday, September 19, 2020

    If the athletic program was more successful among the other obvious benefits would be that alumni, including former players, would want to be more connected to the school in order to "bask in the reflected glory".
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    FOOTBALL Season Ticket Exchange For Troy Game

    Quick question since it's been a few years since I was in Slick Pig. (Picked up my orders to go for tailgating before FB games) Have they added beer? The Smyrna location?
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    UNIVERSITY NEWS Martin Methodist in talks to become part of UT system . . .

    . . . according to a report in The Tennessean. As if we need another publicly supported school in the mid-state. Already four in the area. At one time Martin Methodist, when a JUCO, was a primary feeder school for MT not only sending students but athletes (BkB and BB) and coaches (Jimmy...
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    FOOTBALL Question

    I'll try to be brief (something, as long time readers are aware of, I have a hard time with). I appreciate the good Stock had done and don't doubt he is a high character guy. But; I've only been around Stock a couple of times at functions. Clearly he is an introvert and is not comfortable being...
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    FOOTBALL Somebody correct me if I’m mistaken....

    This is a huge problem connected to this football program, if true. I distinctly remember comments after a recent loss to VU that: "We still have all our goals before us". Utter BS if growing the program is one of your goals. IMHO the game yesterday was by far the most important game of the...
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    FOOTBALL I've never been so apathetic about the start of FB

    It's probably because of the coronavirus and my concerns of whether or not we should be having school, much less playing sports (I do have kids and grandkids to think of) but I am having trouble having much enthusiasm for tomorrow's game. Yes, pending something coming up I'll watch the game...
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    Huge Hit to Backfield

    I would think that all persons who take "care of their bodies have that best shot at fighting this thing even if they get it." I'm just not sure there is credible information that young men who are in and around 100+ other people daily is the way to go. We are in the early stages of leaning...
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    FOOTBALL C-USA officials to meet Wednesday as landscape for football season continues to shift

    I appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge on this subject. I am so frustrated that every topic in today's hyper-partisan environment has to become political. This is especially true when lives are at stake. It is also discouraging to realize how deeply the anti-intellectualism...
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    FOOTBALL C-USA officials to meet Wednesday as landscape for football season continues to shift

    I guess it depends upon how one identifies "courage" and "leadership" but in my opinion I saw several public figures show quite a bit of both yesterday.
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    104.5 Wake Up Zone Staff Axed

    IIRC Mark Howard has shown himself to be a shill for "big-time" schools, not that most sports talk personalities aren't. It could be a incorrect memory (I listen to so little sport talk - especially in the morning) but I remember Howard with a casual throw-away MT put-down. POED me at the time.
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    Aerospace Department ranking

    I noticed the U. of N. Dakota among those schools ranked near the top on many of the lists as I searched in vain to find MT's name.
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    Aerospace Department ranking

    At one time, IIRC, the MTSU Aerospace Department was highly ranked and, again IIRC, was among the top three in the country along with Purdue and Embry-Riddle. An acquaintance's son is going to a school in Ga. (Where he lives) to major in an aerospace related field. I was going to recommend he go...
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    ". . . we rank the schools on a combination of factors including student retention, faculty salary, and student/faculty ratio." You think any of these factors help a regional state-supported school to achieve a high rank? Student retention is a factor of the type of student attracted to the...
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    FOOTBALL Watching Last Chance U last night

    I started watching Season 5 last night and have only watched the 1st episode. Amazing the lengths these young men go to to follow their dreams. Gotta admire their tenacity while at the same time being concerned about a culture which often encourages unrealistic expectations.
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    Been meaning to make a comment in this thread for several days but life has gotten in the way. Interesting to learn of the "Run Off Waiver". I really try to keep up and up until this thread I had thought all "sit out a year wavers" were due either to hardship or the recently new Graduate...
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    When these three transfers were signed I was very apprehensive that any of the three would be eligible immediately even though those close to the program were optimistic. Admitting that I haven't been keeping up with recent NCAA transfer rulings I fail to see how these transfers are based on a...