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  1. dukewayne

    I'm done

    Despite my MT plate on the front of my truck looking good and matching the colors of the truck, I plan on removing it from my truck this week. Doing such a thing would have been unimaginable to me for many years that includes many losing seasons and/or mediocrity in football and basketball. At...
  2. dukewayne

    FOOTBALL The Day After Rundown

    Just a thought, but it doesn't even look like they are "competing" any longer. They have not even looked like a team in the fight in either game thus far this season. Now it is starting to occur to me just why a couple of players refused to play this year after just transferring from other...
  3. dukewayne

    Was Middle Tennessee the least ready team of 2020?

    Perhaps McPhee would make a change if Chairman Xi suggests it. McPhee seems to have handed over much of the university to the Chicoms, why not the football program as well?
  4. dukewayne

    FOOTBALL Middle Tennessee vs Troy (ESPN), 2:30PM, Saturday, September 19, 2020

    Oh, bad enough putting on such an embarrassing performance on ESPN. Meanwhile a good playing team in Marshall gets the win on CBS.
  5. dukewayne

    FOOTBALL Middle Tennessee vs Troy (ESPN), 2:30PM, Saturday, September 19, 2020

    What a disgrace! Watched Marshall and App St game. Unreal the difference. Marshall wins over 23 App St. Amazing how different a game looks when you see hard play with top effort, physicality, and discipline. MT program is in terrible shape.
  6. dukewayne

    FOOTBALL The Day After Rundown: MT's embarrassing loss to Army

    Every team has injuries. Stock just complains and uses it as an excuse for the pathetic losses it's starting to seem to me.
  7. dukewayne


    After last season, I had no plans to watch MT football this season. I had a change of heart based upon the seeming effort of the program to play ball despite the craziness of this year. I thought I'd at least start watching the game considering the effort made to just play the game. Well, the...
  8. dukewayne

    Huge Hit to Backfield

    Although I may disagree with their choice, I don't blame the kids. I would probably agree with coach stock's frustration if they waited until late in the process to inform him. If giving these kids a free pass for the year is the price to be able to have a go at the season, then it is worth...
  9. dukewayne

    FOOTBALL C-USA officials to meet Wednesday as landscape for football season continues to shift

    I, too, frequently think what history will say about us during this time. I'm afraid we as a people on a whole are earning some harsh treatment from future historians. I consider that misinformation and disinformation are rampant, and there is a critical difference between the two. Namely...
  10. dukewayne

    FOOTBALL C-USA officials to meet Wednesday as landscape for football season continues to shift

    Thank you for taking the time to elucidate your views on the matter. As someone who frequently writes lengthy (admittedly too lengthy) posts, I understand that it does require more time and effort in an otherwise busy day. As I alluded to in another folder around here, I want to hear what...
  11. dukewayne

    General Spalding: The Threat of 5G

    Sure, sharing of information is the cause of societal ills, not silencing of voices, censorship, destruction of vestiges of history, wrecking free speech, and now even the burning of books. No, those aren't the problems wrecking society. So, Lynn you keep quiet and keep your views to yourself...
  12. dukewayne

    FOOTBALL C-USA officials to meet Wednesday as landscape for football season continues to shift

    Who's the one saying no one has a right to drink and drive as the analogy? Then you call someone stupid for responding similarly to your analogy. Yet people are doing it all the time and dying, but our country isn't trying to shut down driving. How many people die each year in car crashes...
  13. dukewayne

    FOOTBALL Power 5 Moving Toward Cancellation

    Wasn't something like that what got the NCAA going in the first place? An early director or founder figured out college athletics depts would struggle to come up with money to pay for liability, or insurance, or workers comp, or some such thing? So the lawyerly solution was to deem NCAA...
  14. dukewayne

    executive orders

    I'll give Trump credit about this in this regard, at least when he goes controversial in handing out taxpayer and/or treasury money, at least he is giving it back out to the American people in general. Compare that to the DC establishment of Bush & Obama, both repubs & dems. When they raid the...
  15. dukewayne

    executive orders

    I'm still not sure what authority Trump has with these executive orders. If this were Obama, I'd be complaining too. I guess the White House is daring dems and congress to try to stop financial assistance from going out to the public?? In any other era of normal reality, this would be news...
  16. dukewayne


    With that corrupt sewer of DC and most any corporations, follow the money is a fairly solid and reliable axiom. Especially with corrupt DC, greed and money factor largely but sometimes the pursuit of raw power is the best explanation. With pursuit of power, usually money plays a key role. It's...
  17. dukewayne

    Bill Gates

    Yep, LA is now implementing a do as we say or we turn off your water and electricity! Tyranny and the New World Order are here. Welcome to the Orwellian future.
  18. dukewayne


    A slightly delayed response to one issue regarding credibility of Trump appointees to general Trump supporters. Many a Trump supporter do not trust many of the people in his administration. Personally, I think Trump's possibly biggest failing has been his overall selection of staff and...