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    FOOTBALL Staff

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    FOOTBALL What does the MT/WKU rivalry mean to you?

    I think he’s said as much for 15 years, too. I guess that mindset shows in the results here of late..
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    FOOTBALL Middle Tennessee @ (RV) UTSA (CBSSN), 7PM Friday, September 25, 2020

    You call a timeout to prep for your best two-point play and not only do you run something eerily similar to the two-point play that was unsuccessful before, but your receivers essentially take each other out. You can’t make this stuff up.
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    FOOTBALL So there is this

    Great time to wear a mask to a game if you go. A least a little level of anonymity and no trash bag required.
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    FOOTBALL Staff Predictions for MT/UTSA

    There is an interesting dynamic to this game that's not being brought up a whole lot. Tyrone Nix. Who knows his system and how to prepare for it better than MT? If this offense was going to explode, this would be the game to do so. On the flip side, who's more motivated than Nix to stick it...
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    I'm done

    Even the players are running out of defenses though. Seen quite a few start pointing the finger directly at Massaro.
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    UNIVERSITY NEWS Why major MT athletic facilities upgrades are unlikely soon despite $100M plan announced in 2018

    Oh I'm sure there's a number of reasons. Maybe we've met lol. Or if you're talking about the site digging a little deeper on the money - I think Matt and Tyler would be happy to hunt that down.
  8. C-Bow

    UNIVERSITY NEWS Why major MT athletic facilities upgrades are unlikely soon despite $100M plan announced in 2018

    Sounds like a job for the GoMiddle crew! I don't think we were ever that liked to begin with lol.
  9. C-Bow

    UNIVERSITY NEWS Why major MT athletic facilities upgrades are unlikely soon despite $100M plan announced in 2018

    I do and I don't. I do think MT could be exponentially better with improved facilities that could not only enhance the athletes and their abilities, but be a real selling point that could draw better recruits to begin with. To that end, yes I do still feel bad for Stock. He sells what he has...
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    Was Middle Tennessee the least ready team of 2020?

    From being just a regional laughing stock to being propped right up as the national jester. The sad thing is it can still get worse. Much, much worse...
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    I'm done

    In all my years of either writing for or running this site, I was really proud to stay objective and keep my thoughts and feelings out of my work. Those who really know me know just how hard that was for me. Bottomline I love Middle Tennessee. It is my alma mater, it's where I formed lifelong...
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    Troy/MT Predictions from the staff

    Lol welp...
  13. C-Bow

    Troy/MT Predictions from the staff

    It's the most degenerate stat of all time but the trend is undeniable lol.. That said they can still cover and lose but, as someone said, it'd be the most Stock thing ever to win this game. Plus I think O'Hara goes OFF.
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    Troy/MT Predictions from the staff

    31-28 Raiders.
  15. C-Bow

    FOOTBALL Week 2 bye a rare blessing for Blue Raiders

    Ding ding this is it. Every now and then you hit with a Khalil Brooks, but the overwhelming majority end up with injuries and the depth chart takes a real beating. I'd say most recently Ferguson has struggled since putting on weight. I'm curious how Branch holds up this year too. Hell I'd...
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    Non MT : Southern Miss FB HC Jay Hopson resigns

    Did Darius Harris make the cut at KC? They were real high on him last year. Also Chandler Brewer would likely be starting for the Rams but I believe he opted out.
  17. C-Bow

    FB RECRUITING MT adds another QB commitment

    Well that softens the sting a bit. That’s a big get!