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    UTSA next Friday?

    UIW is a D1 basketball school and have been for a while. A bunch of talent inside San Antonio and Austin they can tap in to.
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    Think they’ll kneel at Army?
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    And so the cuts begin....

    Honestly you do have to consider which sports “carry” others financially. There is very little revenue in women’s athletics, but title IX hurts for a cost standpoint when it comes to net gains. Alabama could carry their entire program off of men’s football, but MT can’t... yet they are strapped...
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    BASKETBALL MT adds another transfer

    Everyone is going through the same thing with social distancing though.
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    BASKETBALL Blue Raiders game RE-broadcasts you really want/need to hear

    Yeah well, they made the decision to cancel the best part of the year... just sayin...
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    BB RECRUITING Carlos Curry

    Has entered the transfer portal.
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    BB RECRUITING WKU just got

    5 star Zion Harmon...
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    BASKETBALL McDevit needs to make some roster moves

    I can see what your saying on having no hope, but I don't share the same view on these 3 (Jones, Jackson, and Dishman). I'm not going to share my disappointments with the rest of the roster, but for me there is one that is significantly glaring. That won't be the case next year...
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    BASKETBALL McDevit needs to make some roster moves

    The reason to have a little hope are some of the guys we will have back. Sims, Millner, Lawrence, Dishman, Jones, and Jackson. Clearly just an observation.
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    BASKETBALL Middle Tennessee (6-19, 2-10) @ UAB (14-11, 5-7), 7PM, Wednesday, February 12, 2020

    smh as I bite my tongue Whats interesting about GCA with Fussell is that they play on a 74ft home floor. So, there will be some transition for him (literally) into the college game. All stat points are skewed because 20 feet makes a huge difference in basketball. With the style MT runs it'll be...
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    BASKETBALL It's been a while

    If he were here, then he would have been a 15-16pt per gm guy. Just being completely honest. He is that good. Regardless of what Buffalo goes through.
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    BASKETBALL It's been a while

    True, I thought he got the NCAA release and played last year. Regardless, he would have made a huge difference in our current situation. Think “ripple effect”.
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    BASKETBALL It's been a while

    I'll be completely honest. I "somewhat" have a dog in the fight so I am not here to bash anyone. I just want to let you know I'm still here looking at this board every single day. Not gone anywhere. Some of you understand why, most probably don't. Unfortunately this season has not gone well...
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    2 Healthcare conspiracy theories

    Wiley especially, I would like your thoughts... 1. We already have a cure for ebola... The doctor that caught it while in Africa on aid cured himself about 5 years ago if I recall. 2. The cure for cancer is not truly being sought after by highly driven means. It has become such a big...
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    Hang on... Kermit? No way. 16-14 and went to the sunbelt title in his 1st season. 17-12 his second year, 19-12 his 3rd. Before he arrived it was a “true” dumpster fire.